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´Research School - Welfare State and diversity´ offers a new PhD course, at Aalborg University, October 1-3 2008.

Policy studies increasingly focus on the role of ideas. It is not altogether a new insight that ideas matter in policy making, but it is a new phenomenon that it has become a dominant approach.

This PhD course offers a vide variety of theories and methods that theorize on how and under what conditions ideas influence policy processes. This includes among others a what´s the problem approach, framing analysis, discourse analyses and different strands of new institutionalisms. The lectures will approach questions such as how do ideas become embedded in power structures, what is the relation between problem representations and policy outputs, why do new ideas appear, and is it possible to identify causal effects of ideas?

Keynote speeches:

  • Carol Bacchi, Associate Professor, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide
  • Mieke Verloo, Lecturer, Institute for Management research, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Bernhard Ebbinghaus, Professor, MZES, Faculty of Social Sciences, Universität Mannheim
  • Jørgen Goul Andersen, Professor, Department of Economics, Politics and Public Administration, Aalborg University
  • Anette Borchorst, Associate Professor, Department of History, International and Social Studies, Aalborg University
  • Hanne Marlene Dahl, Associate Professor, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University

PhD papers that deal with theoretical and methodological issues and examples of empirical analysis of the role of ideas are invited.
Deadline for registration and abstracts is May 15th 2008, deadline for submitting papers, September 17th.

Co-ordinators: Associate Professor Anette Borchorst and Professor Jørgen Goul Andersen, Aalborg University

Registration and programme

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